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Meet the duo

Wreaking havok since
junior high school

Bryan and Chad are closer than friends, they are family. The family you choose are the best family to have - and even better when you can live out your dreams with them, too.

About Me

Bryan Pritchard,

Bryan Pritchard grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan called Traverse City. As a youth he learned to enjoy a few of the finer Michigan beverages; Orange Faygo, Natural Lite and of course the eventual game changer, Boones Farm (blue Hawaiian). While attending Central Michigan University, Bryan was voted to be President of his fraternity all the while shortly after having the pleasure of being kicked out. Boone’s Farm. He graduated college in 2007 with a BA in History and set off to snowboard in Vail, Colorado and Park City Utah. In 2014 after a successful career of being a Ski town Sommelier he moved to Saint Helena California, started a family and grew his hair out to look like Jon Snow.

About Me

Chad Carpenter,

Jesus was a Carpenter... Chad Carpenter grew up with an early love for Baseball, some how the Tigers and the Indians are both his favorite teams. Chad’s extremely influential grandparents instilled in him the importance of family, this family bonding helped Chad grow fond of the service industry. While pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management at Central Michigan University, Chad found the fraternity, Sigma Chi. Shortly after and with a much lower GPA he was asked to take a semester off so he followed Pritchard to Vail, Colorado in 2008. 100 powder days later, he returned to Michigan and worked as a college DJ in East Lansing. Go Green! Quickly he found himself bartending and serving and in 2017 he moved back to the mountains of Colorado building his dream Jeep along the way. 2020 brought new challenges so he decided to chase new dreams building this wine label complete with a move to Saint Helena, California to learn how to make wine. It’s going to be a Glorious Day!!!

The Timeline

Every Story Starts Somewhere

The beginning
The children's show "Fraggle Rock" debuts on HBO as one of the premium cable network's first original programs. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi also debuts finishing the greatest trilogy of all time.
Summer 1995
Mutal friend, Mike Hansen introduces Chad Carpenter to Bryan Pritchard and the friendship begins...
Fall 1996
9th Grade
In Mr Woods Personal Finance class Bryan and Chad purchase stocks in PlayBoy Magazine, Philip Morris and Nike to win a school challenge.
February 2017
Jackson Hole Wyoming- Genesis of Idea to start wine label when Joe Spinella tells us we can’t do it.
May 2019
Literary Inspiration
Amy Beaudine contributes the idea of “Noteworthy” as a name. She remarks we should make a noteworthy wine just like Jane Austen made Pride and Prejudice.
August 2020
Big Moves
Chad takes position making wine at Sinegal Estate in Napa Valley. He leaves Vail, CO, driving his Jeep across the country at a speed of 57 MPH.